Which model of Aquarello Club water dispenser are you looking for?

Aquarello has a wide range of water dispensers, one for every type of need, find out more about them.

A water dispenser called a water cooler (when used only for cooling) is a machine that cools or heats and dispenses water with a cooling unit.

Features range beyond cooling to heating, filtering and even carbonating the water supply.

Water dispensers come in a variety of form factors, ranging from wall mounted, bottle filler and water dispenser combo units to two tier units and other formats.

They are generally divided into two categories: point-of-use (POE) water dispensers and bottled water dispensers.

POE water dispensers are connected to a water supply, while bottled water dispensers require the delivery (or self-consumption) of water in large bottles from vendors.

The water temperatures can range from:

  • Cold (default setting 5 ° C)
  • Ambient temperature (room temperature)
  • Hot (default 87 ° C; other options 75 ° C, 87 ° C, 93 ° C)
  • Extra hot (default setting 95 ° C; other options 80 ° C, 87 ° C 95 ° C-plus)

Models of water dispensers Designs and models of water dispensers.

  • Top-filling water dispenser The water supply vessel is located on top of the cooler and is fed directly into the water tank below. The top and loading bottle dispenser is perfect for office space and places in your home where the pipeline is too far to access. In addition, you can easily place them anywhere you need clean drinking water.
  • Water dispenser that fills up from below In the case of water dispensers, the water supply vessel is usually mounted on the top of the device. Bottom load water dispensers have the receptacle mounted on the bottom of the device for easy loading.
  • Freestanding Water Dispenser In a freestanding design, water bottles are generally injected into the dispensing machine.

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