The one-time installation is 250.-. You can also install the device yourself using the installation instructions. 
Please send a photo of the water connections and tap by email to 
or via whatsapp on 079 4284372 

After processing, we will send you a rental contract to sign by email!

 Rental conditions

    • Consumables such as filters and carbon dioxide are paid for by the tenant. 
    • When concluding the contract or when picking up the rental property, the first three months' rent must be paid in advance. In the further course of the rental period, three months' rent will always be billed quarterly in advance. 
    • The service costs for the installation by Aquarello of the device cost a one-time net 250 CHF. The tenant can of course also install the device himself or with his installer. 
    • The contract can be terminated in writing, by post or email to Aquarello at the end of the current quarter. Before the notice period expires, the rental property and all accessories must be returned by the tenant to the shop or by post. If Aquarello has to pick it up and uninstall it, we charge a flat rate of 180.-
    • The rental object is to be treated carefully and appropriately. Damage caused by improper handling will not be covered by the landlord.
    • The tenant is responsible for insuring the rental property as well as possible water damage from leaks. The landlord is not liable for any damage resulting from a breach of the insurance obligation.  
    • Defects in the rental property that are not the fault of the tenant or third parties will be remedied by the landlord. If necessary, the rental property will be exchanged for a comparable product if repairs are not possible. The repair of any damage that has not occurred through normal wear and tear can be invoiced to the tenant after the return of the rental property, insofar as this did not already exist before the start of the contract. (E.g. used objects). Please do not throw away the packaging! Keep this 
    • In the event of repeated default in payment, Aquarello is entitled to terminate the contract without notice and to demand the return of the items immediately
    • The property right of the rental object remains with the lessor. The rental property is left to the tenant for personal use. He may not sell, pledge or sublet it to third parties.
    • A change of address must be communicated to the landlord in writing (by post or email) within 14 days. When moving abroad, the rental property and its accessories must be returned.
    • Depending on the tap, a hole must be drilled in the thread or in the countertop under the ring during installation. This hole is invisible after installation. In rare cases, the existing tap is not compatible with our system due to lack of space. In this case, Aquarello will provide you with a compatible tap free of charge. 
    • The customer recognizes Murten as the place of jurisdiction as the seat of the Aquarello company