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A carbonated water dispenser in your home too

Aquarello is a Swiss startup that specializes in innovative water dispensers. Concerned about the nonsense of packaged water and all that plastic waste, but also about that We have decided that pollutants and pesticides will affect our health to offer innovative devices that can be easily installed anywhere.

We have developed a unique system that makes it very easy to install in any kitchen, office or bar - without having to modify your infrastructure. Save your money on bottles and invest in your health! We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on our products. Just get in contact.

About Us


Decrease the use of packaged water and plastic waste, and offer access to outstandingly clean hot, cold and/or sparkling water.


Provide affordable solutions for every household in Switzerland…easy to order, easy to install and easy to enjoy!

Swiss Quality

With the leading manufacturers for clean water equipment, Aquarello develops unique patent-pending innovative installation options.

Rent or Buy?

With Aquarello the choice is yours. As soon as you select the desired button, still, hot / room temperature or chilled carbonated water pours into your glass. Thanks to our filter you always have fresh water, perfectly matched to your taste.

Exclusive Technical Accessories

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Aquarello Tapring BUY NOW

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Aquarello gas bottle holder BUY NOW

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Aquarello gas regulator 425g standard gas bottle BUY NOW

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Aquarello Angle stop valve BUY NOW


Aquarello HCG3 table top Hot / Cold / Sparkling Water Cooler

SFr. 1,950.00

Cold Water Cold Sparkling Water Sparkling Hot Water Hot

Aquarello HCG1 White table top Hot / Cold / Sparkling Water Cooler

SFr. 1,550.00

Cold Water Cold Sparkling Water Sparkling Hot Water Hot

Aquarello HCG2 table top Hot / Cold / Sparkling Water Cooler

SFr. 1,480.00

Cold Water Cold Sparkling Water Sparkling Hot Water Hot

Aquarello HC2 table top Hot/Cold Water dispenser with 2 Filters

SFr. 980.00

Cold Water Cold Hot Water Hot
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Always fresh and healthy drinks ready!

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Don't need to buy and carry water anymore

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Avoiding trash/ PET bottles. Avoid toxins


Benefits from Aquarello

  • Optimal Water Quality with big choice of Filters
  • Easy Install of the machine
  • High Quality and modern design
  • Best price and service



You choose between cold, sparkling or non-carbonated water and hot tea water, you do a lot for a healthy environment, for a healthy body and you also save a lot of money with our water dispensers.

Aquarello's water dispensers are connected directly to existing water pipes. Construction work on kitchen combinations or kitchen countertops is not necessary, which is particularly important for tenants. Thanks to our patented tap ring, this is quick and easy.
All of our water dispensers are equipped with more effective filters. By filtering up to 4 times, toxic chemicals such as nitrate, chlorine or pesticides as well as bacteria and viruses are filtered out of the tap water.
No more hauling, storing and disposing of PET bottles. To produce 1 kg of PET, 2 kg of crude oil are required. A water dispenser protects the environment and your budget. Calculate your personal savings potential here if you rely on sparkling water instead of PET / glass bottles.
You can rent or buy the water dispenser cheaply from us. Thanks to our TAPRING, installation is also easy - whether at home, in the office or in the catering trade