The Swiss company Aquarello specializes in innovative water dispensers. Concerned about the nonsense of packaged water and all the plastic waste, but also about the impact of pollutants and pesticides on our health, we decided to offer innovative devices that can be easily installed anywhere.

In order to get closer to this vision, we at Aquarello research, develop and produce high-quality water filters, water dispensers and other solutions for treated drinking water every day in Switzerland, whether at home in the office or in the catering industry. 

Individual products and first-class service 

Our collaboration with leading manufacturers in the industry allows us to develop complete systems and water dispensers of the highest quality - for rent or purchase - and with integrated filter technology, which make life as easy as possible for our customers.  

Products with quality – technology with a future 

Aquarello is revolutionizing access to easy-to-order and quick-to-install water dispensers for companies and private households. We want to make drinking water more environmentally friendly and, in particular, reduce the high consumption of plastic and disposable bottles.  

With advanced technologies in the field of water technology, including high-quality water filters, we bring clean, carbonated or non-carbonated drinking water to every private and commercial kitchen - at affordable conditions, with the least amount of work and with the best Swiss quality! 

Available worldwide

Aquarello Club specializes in water dispensers all over the world. The water dispensers are the ideal solution for restaurants, companies, offices, practices, garages and of course also for private households. 



To reduce the use of packaged water and plastic waste and to provide access to excellent clean hot, cold and/or sparkling water.



Providing affordable solutions for every household in Switzerland...easy to order, easy to install and easy to enjoy!


Swiss quality 

With the leading manufacturers of water dispensers and filters, Aquarello develops unique, patent-pending innovative solutions.