Water dispenser for the benefit of the environment - made by Aquarello

We are declaring war on disposable and plastic bottles! With high-quality solutions and products in the field of water dispensers and filter technology, we not only want to give many people easy access to clean drinking water, but in particular to greatly limit the spread of disposable water bottles. Fresh, treated drinking water directly in your own kitchen is the most practical and environmentally friendly solution.

To get closer to this vision, we at Aquarello are researching, developing and producing high-quality water filters, water dispensers and other solutions every day in Switzerland, for treated drinking water, whether at home in the office or in the catering industry.

With our sophisticated water filters, we protect the entire drinking water system and bring the water in the highest quality - better than from the bottle - directly into the water dispenser.

Unique and innovative: Water dispensers from Aquarello

Our development focuses primarily on novel and unique solutions for water dispensers, which allow us to install fresh drinking water without costly installation or changes to the infrastructure.

Water filters treat tap water, remove germs and limescale and provide soft drinking water. With a wide range of filters, we offer the perfect solution for every purpose and put water from plastic bottles in the shade in terms of quality.

Our water dispensers with carbonated, hot or cold water provide the usual luxury and drinking water to suit every taste. Aquarello means practical, economical and ecological!

Individual products and first-class service

Our cooperation with leading manufacturers in the industry allows us to develop complete systems and water dispensers of the highest quality - for rent or purchase - and with integrated filter technology, making life as easy as possible for our customers.

Aquarello builds water filters into carbonated, still, hot or cold water dispensers as well as into existing systems and water connections. In this way, our customers - according to their personal taste - always get their money's worth and at the same time enjoy our full service. We take care of the installation and connection of the water dispensers and are always on the spot in case of problems!

Products with quality - technology with future

Aquarello revolutionizes the access to easy-to-order and quick-to-install water dispensers for companies and private households. In this way, we want to make drinking water more environmentally friendly and, in particular, reduce the high consumption of plastic and disposable bottles to a greater extent.

With advanced technologies in the field of water engineering, including high-quality water filters, we bring clean drinking water with or without carbonic acid into every private and commercial kitchen - at affordable conditions, with the smallest possible amount of work and with the best Swiss quality!